Business is about leadership, having a global perspective, and developing solutions to community problems with an entrepreneurial mindset. ASU believes that anyone in any discipline can be a leader and prepares future leaders with an interest in business to make lasting impacts locally, nationally and internationally. Business leaders emerge from diverse programs: political science, English literature, communication, economics, humanities and law. ASU faculty and graduates with a career interest in business study brain activity of ethical leaders to identify patterns that can be used to train better supervisors, research the benefits of diversity in the workplace, educate existing businesses on cybersecurity tactics to protect against data breaches, launch new business ventures and hold leadership positions at Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits and in government.

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Head of Global Inclusion & Diversity and Corporate Citizenship, CFA Institute

Kelli is the Head of Global Inclusion & Diversity and Corporate Citizenship for the CFA Institute. Based out of Charlottesvile, VA, her main role is to “promote and advance socially responsible practices in the environment, social, and governance areas for …

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Fred Humphries, Corporate VP of US Government Affairs, Microsoft

Fred is the Corporate Vice President of United States Government Affairs for Microsoft. With over two decades of experience at the tech giant, Fred is responsible for providing expertise in policy, outreach and political engagement “that helps advance the company’s …

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Placement Counselor and Florida School Agent, Southern Teachers Agency

Joseph is a Placement Counselor and the Florida School Agent for Southern Teachers Agency, a staffing agency that connects talented teachers with independent schools. Whether meeting students at career fairs or interviewing candidates in his office, Joseph is always looking …

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Digital Customer Journey Analyst, Owens Corning

Lance is a Digital Customer Journey Analyst with Owens Corning. Based out of Toledo, Ohio, Lance’s main role is to ensure that his customer’s experience through their journey of doing business with Owens Corning is “seamless, enriched and smooth as …

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Product Support Engineer, Stryker

Sherry is a Product Support Engineer for Stryker, a medical device and implant manufacturer. Sherry works on the product support team that supports all of the company’s various medical solutions, such as updating product drawings, reviewing design plans, and responding …

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