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Joseph Spix, Creative Director, Universal Music Group

Joseph is a Grammy award winning art director and a Creative Director with Universal Music Group. Responsible for Island, Republic, and Def Jam Records, Joseph oversees the creative direction for the label’s big artists, working with both the musicians and …

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Bill Richards, Musician and Teacher; Howard University

Bill is a musician and teacher in the Washington, DC area. With degrees in both music and music education, Bill moved to DC after securing a spot as a percussionist in the United States Army Band. Now retired from the …

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Chantee Lans, Reporter, CBS3/CW Philly

Chantee is a Television News Reporter for CBS3/CW Philly. From morning pitch meetings and writing to on-scene live reporting, Chantee has her hands full on a daily basis. She urges all interested students to shadow a reporter, stay up-to-date with …

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John Connolly, Actor and Trade Union Executive, SAG/AFTRA

John Connolly is a veteran actor of the stage, television, and film as well as an active trade union executive. Not only does John describe the process of being a working actor, he breaks down the subtleties and skills needed …

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Trenae Nuri, Producer, WHYY Radio Times

Trenae is a radio producer working for WHYY’s program “Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane”, a thought-provoking news and discussion show that airs weekdays at 11 AM. Trenae’s job is broken up into to main roles: to prep Marty on discussion …

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