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Chief Technology Officer, ETF.com

Fernando is the Chief Technology Officer at ETF.com, the leading source of online news and analysis for exchange-traded funds. While tasked with many jobs from overseeing all of the programming to updating the company’s methodology, Fernando has security at the …

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Founder and Consultant, CompArchive LLC

Rylan is a Management Consultant and the Founder of CompArchive LLC, an Austin, Texas based consulting firm that specializes in employee compensation plans. Rylan describes himself as a “player coach”, opting to teach management methods by doing instead of telling.

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Head of Sales and Partnerships, Funderful

Walter is the Head of Sales and Partnerships at Funderful, a technology communication startup that works with colleges and universities to help them “break through the noise and engage their communities by opening up new digital channels.” Walter explains how …

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Founder and Chief Dreamer, Yogavated Athletics

Travis is the Founder and Chief Dreamer of Yogavated Athletics, a fashion company that collaborates with artists to create limited edition luxury activewear “that motivates and inspires” it’s users. Travis walks us through the lifecycle of a product launch, from …

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Photographer, Filmmaker, and Activist; Self-employed

JD is a self-employed Photographer, Filmmaker, and Activist in the Orlando, FL area. On any given day JD could be shooting photo or video at a rally (such as March for Our Lives), filming court-side action at Orlando Magic home …

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