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President, Leap Managed IT

Gary is the President of Leap Managed IT, a business solutions firm started in 1937 by his grandfather. It was during an internship with the family business that Gary discovered the entire model would have to change in order to …

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Founder and CEO, CareerPath Mobile

Richard is the Founder and CEO of CareerPath Mobile, a mobile technology suite “focused on improving student engagement and communications in order to help them find their pathway to success.” Richard walks us through his many roles within the company, …

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Owner, Traveling Chic Boutique

Bobbi is the Owner of Traveling Chic Boutique, a women’s clothing and accessories store based out of a 1963 Airstream. Bobbi walks us through the start-up and growth of a clothing boutique, from purchasing inventory at NYC wholesalers to renovating …

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Therapist, Self-Employed

Karren is a licensed professional counselor with her own practice in Kent, CT. Karren returned to school for her Masters in Counseling after realizing her passion was helping people discover ways to live with mental and emotional issues. Seeing anywhere …

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Personal Trainer and Owner, Forward Thinking Fitness

Evan is a personal trainer and owner of Forward Thinking Fitness, a health and wellness center located in Allentown, PA. With a degree in kinesiology and a background in physical therapy, Evan made the decision to open his own gym …

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