Internships & Experiential Learning

Gaining experience in your field of interest is important. Take advantage of opportunities to build your resume while attending school by reviewing the tools below to explore experiential learning and internships.

Virtual Career Exploration Experiences

In only 5-6 hours, you will use relevant tools and learn skills that provide students a career advantage and connect them with Fortune 500 companies.

Virtual Work Experience Programs available through Forage are 100% free, open access and self-paced. No application or experience is required.

Go Global. Go Intern.

Bring a global perspective to any job you apply for by participating in one of our global internship programs.

In the increasingly globalized workplace, international work experience gives you an advantage. You bring a unique professional experience and help bridge gaps between cultures and countries. Less than 3% of U.S. college students participate in a global education experience during their undergraduate degree. Stand out from the crowd.

Full-time internships – intern full-time with an organization abroad or domestically

Faculty-directed internships – travel abroad with your ASU faculty, learning and interning with other Sun Devils

Study and intern – take courses and intern part-time with an organization abroadSummer and semester options available

Global Virtual Internship – if you prefer to intern remotely

Micro-internships are short-term, paid, professional projects that provide opportunities for career exploration and skill building.

Unlike traditional internships:

  • Micro-internships can take place year-round.
  • Typically range from five to fifty hours of work.
  • Have a duration of one week to one month. 


Internships are great opportunities to gain experience, build industry specific skills and establish your professional network. Some programs require internships, others do not. View more information below.

What Are Your Strengths? |15 GREATEST Strengths With Sample Answers

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Participation in clubs and organization can help you build your network, explore career fields, build skills, and gain valuable experience.

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