Career and Professional Development Services is here to support people from diverse identity intersections.

While there are many laws that prohibit discrimination based on gender or sexuality, there are still many questions and concerns that you may have when navigating the job search. Questions like, “Will I be supported as a transgender or non binary person within this company?” or, “Will I be able to speak outwardly about my partner/s and family at my workplace?”

Career and Professional Development Services is a place where you can navigate these questions and find resources to utilize when entering the workforce. We want to support you in bringing your full self  here and are committed to helping you find inclusive environments when you leave the University and start your career.

Job Search & Interview Resources

LGBTQ+ friendly job search engines

Interview Resources
Helpful tips on type of questions to ask during an interview as well as dressing gender neutral for interviews.

Is the company an Ally?

Different resources for students to be able to research if a potential company they are interested in working for is LGBTQ+ friendly and how these companies value their LGBTQ+ employees.

Navigating the Workplace

Getting Started at Work
Resources on how to navigate coming out conversations in the workplace and how to feel empowered as an LGBTQ+ individual in the workplace.

Know your rights at work
Resources to educate students on rights and protections awarded to LGBTQ+ people in the workplace.

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Mentor Connections

Aleenah Ansari

Expert-Recommended People
  • Product Marketing Manager Microsoft

Frederic Liu

Expert-Recommended People
  • Product Designer Yahoo

José García Cruz

Expert-Recommended People
  • Sr. UX/UI Design Specialist Solvento

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  • Product Manager, Google Cloud Security Google

Rey Dubrawska

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  • Senior Lifecycle Marketing Manager Pitch

Student Clubs & Organizations

Participation in clubs and organization can help you build your network, explore career fields, build skills, and gain valuable experience.

Featured Classes

Networking & Outreach

Utilize practical exercises and advice from successful professionals to grow your network, build your professional community, represent your organization, and…

Informational Interviews

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LinkedIn Overview

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Giving & Receiving Feedback

Feedback is a two-way street — this course helps prepare you to thoughtfully give and receive constructive feedback with team…

Goal Setting

Setting relevant and precise goals is a recipe for career success… but where do you start? Learn how to choose…

Clarifying Expectations

What questions do you need to ask to get the job done correctly? Improve your ability to communicate with your…

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Explore the essential roles and functions you’ll be collaborating with at top companies, then dive into best practices for leading…

Requesting Time Off

Nervous about requesting time off from work? Not sure how to ask your manager? Get the essential information and templates…


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Cover Letters

When used correctly, a cover letter can be a valuable companion to your resume. This course will provide the samples…


Prepare to ace the interview! Dive into interview fundamentals, secrets to making a great first impression on employers, and how…

Professional Writing & Organization

Take a deep dive into the unspoken do’s and don’ts of professional communication with coworkers, customers, managers, and more! Then,…

Presence & Professionalism

Whether you’re in the office, joining a remote meeting, or attending a work event, how you show up matters! Demystify…

Getting to Know Your Manager & Team

Navigating a new workplace is a challenge. Start your new role with confidence by asking the right questions on (and…

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