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Career support – helping you support your student

Help your student prepare for their future. Review the information below for resources, milestones, and conversation starters.

Help your student gain experience

There are so many opportunities for your student to gain valuable skills that employers are seeking. Encourage your student to consider viewing the self-paced content below:

Internships: How to help your student find them

Internships are immersive, short-term experiences to apply and develop academic skills in a professional setting. Requirements for internships vary by major, industry, and internship. Some majors at ASU require an internship, but not all. Your student can reach out to their Academic Advisor or Internship Coordinator to learn more about potential requirements. 

  • Encourage your student to talk to their academic advisor. Academic advisors can provide information on internship requirements (location requirements, industry requirements, supervisor credentials, internship learning outcomes, etc.) and possible classes your student may need to complete.

  • Help your student research their options. Use our Job Market Insights tool (at the bottom of this page) to explore industry trends and potential internship titles.

  • Help your student search for internships using Handshake.

  • Remind your student to tailor each resume and cover letter to the internship that they apply to.

Help your student build skills that employers seek

Employers are looking for candidates that are confident and proficient in eight competencies. Review each with your student and help your student assess their progress by downloading each self-assessment.

Career and Self-Development

Learn how you can proactively develop your personal and professional skills, and how you can leverage your strengths.


How confident are you communicating your facts, ideas, and perspective? Evaluate your written and verbal communication skills.

Critical Thinking

How well do you gather and analyze information from a diverse set of sources and individuals to fully understand a problem?

Equity & Inclusion

Demonstrate the awareness, attitude and knowledge required to equitably engage and include people from various cultures.


How well do you use innovation to inspire, persuade and motivate those that you work with in and outside of the classroom?


Professionalism looks different in each workplace and each culture. Be present, prepared and hold yourself accountable.


How well do you listen to others and maintain collaborative relationships? Try to build strong working relationships.


It is important to understand and leverage technologies to increase productivity, complete tasks, and accomplish goals.

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