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Designer of US Digital Service, The White House

Mollie is a Designer for the US Digital Service for The White House. Her main job is to incorporate design considerations into the US Digital Service’s plan for bringing online services to Americans.

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Supervisor, Primary Support Level 4, Schneider Electric

Michael is a Supervisor with Primary Support Level 4 for Schneider Electric. Based out of Rhode Island, Michael’s main duty involves the coaching and development of his team to best handle customer interactions.

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Director of Human Resources, Adhesives Research, Inc.

Judy is the Director of Human Resources for Adhesives Research, Inc., a “leading independent developer and manufacturer of pressure-sensitive adhesives, polymers, tapes, films, coatings, laminates, release liners and drug delivery systems.” Judy walks us through the day of a busy …

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David Zierler, Historian, US Department of State

David is a historian with the United States Department of State. Dating back to the creation of the Office of the Historian in 1862 by Abraham Lincoln, David’s team is charged with preserving the history of US foreign relations, publishing …

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Career Services Intern, Georgia Southern University

Seddrick is a career services intern at Georgia Southern University. After changing majors and feeling uncertain of his future, Seddrick took his advisor’s suggestion and visited Career Services. With a helping hand through resume-writing, mock interviews, and career fair prep, …

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