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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) encompasses a wide variety of career paths, from forensic research, data analytics and cyber security to game design and aviation. Sun Devils in STEM create drones capable of being operated using the human brain, detect and treat neurodegenerative diseases and design new technology for space exploration.

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Bioinformatician and Adjunct Professor, UMBC

Jeff is a Bioinformatician as well as an Adjunct Professor with UMBC at Shady Grove. He uses scientific methods and tools to examine extracted DNA molecules to see whether or not genetic codes may be carriers of whichever mutation he …

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Digital Customer Journey Analyst, Owens Corning

Lance is a Digital Customer Journey Analyst with Owens Corning. Based out of Toledo, Ohio, Lance’s main role is to ensure that his customer’s experience through their journey of doing business with Owens Corning is “seamless, enriched and smooth as …

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Chemist, NAMSA

Jennifer is a Chemist with NAMSA, a contract research organization for medical devices. Operating as both a lab chemist and results analyst, Jennifer runs various tests on various medical devices to ensure they are safe for human use.

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Electrical Engineer and Account Executive, Schneider Electric

Mohammad is an Electrical Engineer and an Account Executive with Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management and automation. Based out of Secuacus, NJ, Mohammad is responsible for both developing new accounts and maintaining existing accounts. He explains the …

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Systems Engineer, Army Futures Command – Armanents Center

Darlene is a Systems Engineer with the United States Army Futures Command. Based out of the Picatinny Armanents Center, Darlene is responsible for strategizing improvements for future weapons, making sure our warfighters have the safest, lightest, and most effective weapons …

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