Sun Devils interested in Entrepreneurship search for opportunities to advance new ideas, develop creative solutions or start a social venture. A core value of Arizona State University, entrepreneurship is rooted in diverse education and cross-industry experience.

March industry updates

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Upcoming Industry Day: Esports

Registration is now open for Industry Day: Esports on Friday, February 26 from...

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Ask someone who has more experience. The best way to learn something new is to learn from someone who has already accomplished it.


The pandemic aligned everyone’s attention on a single objective, but the number of strategic imperatives at a company can multiply outside times of crisis, resulting in a lack of focus. 


Driving strong financial results for a business during periods of uncertainty is difficult enough, but doing so while also satisfying a much wider breadth of stakeholders.

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Featured Employer
Featured Employer


Govig & Associates is a talent management company that specializes in identifying and developing talent across industries. Essentially, we help our clients hire the right people.   With verticals in executive recruitment, leadership development and succession planning, we help guide professionals through the talent acquisition process and strive to change people’s lives every day.

Career Guide
Career Guide

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