U Haul

For 75 years, U-Haul has provided quality self-move, self-storage, and related services and products to the do-it-yourself moving public. U-Haul builds on that tradition through our employees and commitment to the community. From participating in Veteran’s events throughout the country to helping the communities we serve, U-Haul is committed to serving the public and our customers. When there is a national crisis, we are there to use our resources to help the recovery effort. Apply to one of our positions to learn what working at U-Haul is all about.

Health and Wellness
At U-Haul, our mission is to provide a culture of wellness that enhances the quality of life of every team member and their families. We accomplish this through our benefits dedicated to health, nutrition, mindset, fitness, financial and, most importantly, life and family. Our onsite cafe offers nutritious meals for under $5, and our new headquarters will offer an on-site gym and clinic.

Military Support
Sam Shoen and his wife Anna Mary were the original founders of U-Haul. Sam served in the World War II and started the company shortly after he was discharged from the Navy. Our company has sought to support service members ever since. Through partnerships such as the National Memorial Day Parade and the Pat Tillman Foundation, U-Haul constantly finds ways to support those who served.

Community Engagement
U-Haul is dedicated to assisting individuals and communities across the country. When there is a natural disaster or other emergency, U-Haul provides resources such as moving trucks or free storage to help those areas get back on their feet. Additionally, our team members regularly participate in local charities and events that support the community.

Unique Benefits
In addition to a health and benefits package competitive with most organizations, U-Haul offers some benefits that others can’t compete with. From having our own credit union to our tuition reimbursement program, our benefits are designed to take care of needs that other companies don’t usually address.