Medabrim: Sha’at Evrit im Havarim (Hebrew Hour with Friends)

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The purpose of this organization shall be to offer a casual and social atmosphere in which individuals interested in the Hebrew Language can practice their skills, at their level, and learn more. This organization will promote the use of spoken and written Modern Hebrew both on campus and in the community at large. Members will be encouraged to utilize as much Hebrew as possible during organization events, though they will not be obligated to speak exclusively in Hebrew. In fact, Hebrish (or Engbrew) (the mixing of Hebrew and English) will be encouraged. The main point of this organization is not necessarily to learn Hebrew (though a lot of learning will occur) rather to practice and improve the Hebrew that one already knows in a non-stressful and fun environment with a strong focus on communication. We believe that in this atmosphere the participants will improve their Hebrew proficiency.

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